There once was a man who loved umbrellas so much, come rain or shine, he always had one close to his touch.  His name was Umbrella Fella.

He kept umbrellas in his pockets, umbrellas in his socks and when listening to music he would use his umbrellas to rock.

He had a rainbow umbrella with colours of red, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink, he would sit under it and think, yellow for happy, blue for sad, red for angry and purple for when he was feeling snappy.

He adored animals, big and small, so he made umbrellas for bears, umbrellas for dogs and mini green ones for little green frogs. 

Umbrella Fella loved shapes, so he made umbrellas that were square, umbrellas of hexagon shape with mini circles on the edges stuck on with sticky tape.

He even had umbrellas with numbers on so he could practice his timetables out and about as the sun shone. 

One day as Umbrella Fella strolled quietly through the park with only his umbrellas for company a curious little boy who was at the park with his mum approached him, “Why are you using an umbrella, it’s not raining?” asked the little boy with confused eyebrows.

“I just love my umbrellas, my name is Umbrella Fella,” he replied quietly, “I’m Hudson it’s nice to meet you. I still don’t understand why you are under your umbrella on a lovely day,” said Hudson whilst pointing up at the blue sky.

Umbrella Fella stopped and sat down sadly on the nearest wooden bench, he held his beloved umbrellas, and said, “When I’m feeling lonely, when I’m feeling sad, I sit under my umbrella and I don’t feel so bad, I can hide under here from the world and just be me, when I do this I feel free. The colours make me smile, they show how I’m feeling, it’s like having a rainbow for a ceiling.”

Hudson sat next to Umbrella Fella and carefully said, “I sometimes feel lonely too and I sometimes feel sad, but I don’t hideaway because then I still feel bad. I find a grown-up or a friend, we have a chat, you should try that, it really helps.”

“I can’t as I don’t have any friends to talk to, I only have my dear umbrellas for company,” sighed Umbrella Fella.  “You need to find a friend,” exclaimed Hudson, “I would love to but how?”  he asked feeling puzzled. “Just be yourself!” shouted Hudson.

Unexpectedly, at the very moment a lady with beautiful red hair and the biggest collection of umbrellas they had ever seen strolled past happily, “Hello,” she smiled.  “I have just moved here and I’m looking for a friend, I see you like umbrellas like me, could we possibly have a cup of tea?”

Umbrella Fella jumped off the bench as if had just caught fire, “Hello, I would love to be your friend, what is your name?” he replied joyfully.

“I’m Umbrella Ella,” she replied proudly.  “Wow, I’m Umbrella Fella, I do believe our umbrellas and we were meant to be!”

Umbrella Fella was never sad or lonely again, he still had bad days of course but when he did he shared any worries he had with Ella who helped him feel better, sometimes she just listened and gave him a cuddle and other times she got him out of a muddle. 

So, what have we learnt from Umbrella Fella? Always be yourself and never hide how you are feeling, good or bad, never hide under an umbrella, share your feelings! A problem shared is a problem halved. He also learnt to have a good friend you need to be a good friend, so Umbrella Fella was there for Umbrella Ella when she needed him too. 

Umbrella Fella was the happiest he had ever been, so he made a song which he sings most days and he wants you to sing too:

“When you’re feeling lonely, when you’re feeling sad, don’t hide away! Remember to find a friend, a helping hand, a listening ear, have a chat, shed a tear.  When you talk about your feelings the worry floats away and then you can have a really nice day.”

Umbrella Fella and Umbrella Ella lived happily ever after; they kept their amazing umbrella collection for rainy days only; Umbrella Fella never again felt lonely.

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