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Hello, I'm Fiona Scott, thanks for visiting my website. I am a mum to two children, Wonderful Willow and Handsome Hudson.  We love reading together and having lots of giggles on our "reading" sofa all snuggled up together and we love reading at bedtime. This love of reading has inspired me to write my own stories which my children enjoy and I hope other children will enjoy them too. 

I grew up in London with my mum, dad and two older sisters. I had a wonderful childhood full of fun.  I enjoyed writing from a young age and have been writing stories, poems, songs and plays with many ideas written in random notebooks and on floppy disks! (yes that long ago!). 

I launched my first book Rats on Roller Skates in Sept 2016 followed by The Troll of Trafalgar Square which was launched at Waterstones, Trafalgar Square in Nov 2016 and is dedicated to my late dad.  I launched my third book Willow and her Magic Owl Pillow in Staines Waterstones August 2017.  This book has a play list which accompanies the book and the children learn about music and dance, old and new and can have a boogie.  

Since December 2016 I have been visiting schools, reading my stories and doing activities linked to the books.  Please find more information on the school visits tab.

I am available for visits to celebrate World Book Day, please get in touch to secure a date. I am also available for bedtime story events for PTAs and fundraising events, also

festive events linked to my Christmas story; The Troll of Trafalgar Square and finally I can do music/dance themed events/visits linked to Willow and her Magic Owl Pillow.


Please check out my brand new fourth story under the Umbrella Fella tab which I hope will promote the importance of talking to each-other about how we are feeling.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit my website, I hope you like it and enjoy my stories. 


Fiona xxx