Rats on Roller Skates

Come and meet the Ratbag gang: Rob, Rachel, Rodney, Old Ray and Resting Rat (who is always fast asleep) for fun and adventures all over the world…

Rob is a rat with a need for speed. But how? Rat wings, a rat train or a rat car? Aha... Rat roller skates!

As the rats get faster the animal kingdom goes mad for funky footwear and animal accessories. The rats take over London, New York and Paris with sheep in sandals, lions with lipstick, and even pigeons in pants.

If you look carefully enough you might just see Willy the Worm on each page too although he isnt on page 19 as the turkey tried to eat him!   (For ages 3/7 years)

The Troll of Trafalgar Square

Anfred is a lost little Norwegian troll who was fast asleep in his favourite spruce tree but awakes to find he has been transported hundreds of miles away to London!

Surrounded by the big grey lions in Trafalgar Square, millions of strangers, cars, and bright lights (not to mention the pigeons everywhere), Anfred is afraid. Luckily for him he meets Hudson, a young boy with a nose for adventure…

Join Hudson and Anfred on their Christmas Eve journey! Are there trolls living in Trafalgar Square? Will Anfred ever get home?   (For ages 3/10 years)

I am currently writing a sequel to this called, The Trolls of Trafalgar Square which features Anfred's cheeky cousins who set up a master plan to visit London on the next Norwegian Christmas tree to have adventures of their own!!! 

Next time you go to London you can look for trolls using the troll trail below.


My dream is to have families looking for trolls in London like a Gruffalo trail! 

Lastly I dream that one day this story will be made into a Christmas animation and be on TV on Christmas Day (I can dream!)

Willow and Her Magic Owl Pillow

The third exciting picture book from the author of Rats on Roller Skates and The Troll of Trafalgar Square, Fiona Scott.

Join Willow, a little girl who loves to dance, on a magical musical journey through the decades from the 1920s to the 1980s and even into the future.

Listen to the Willow and Her Magic Owl Pillow Story playlist to accompany the book on Spotify. Press start from the first whooooosh on page 9 and enjoy!   

                                                                                                  (For ages 3/10)