Please get in touch if you would like me to visit your school, I can do half days or full days depending on location. I have visited lots of primary

schools and I am keen to visit more as it is just wonderful to spend time with the children.  I have been mainly visiting Reception and KS1 children but I have also worked with KS2.

How the day works: Typically I introduce myself, explain the process behind being an author; writing a story, finding an illustrator, a publisher, getting the illustrations to the publisher and into the book (original artwork is shown to the children, I explain what an editor does, like a teacher) and how you end up with the finished book in your hand.  I then read my story followed by a Q/A session and I then teach the children how to write their own stories using a “high-5” technique. I then do an activity either a writing activity, colouring in or a word-search/crossword all linked to the story depending on time. 

More information on the books: Willow and her Magic Owl Pillow is a lovely story about a little girl who loves to dance as she goes on a magical, musical journey into the different decades from 1920’s to the future. I have recently done four school visits linked to my third book and the children really love the story with music, I have had lots of children up doing the YMCA.                                                   


Rats on Roller-Skates is a whimsical tale about a gang of rats who want to be faster with hilariou fashionable consequences for the animal kingdom! It is picture book with lots of text bridging the gap between picture books and reading books.  It has great alliteration which the children enjoy. The Troll of Trafalgar Square is a lovely Christmas tale which I have read to both Receptions up to Year 6. I’d be happy to book up for November and December to do a special Christmas visit. St Mary’s in Byfleet is using The Troll of Trafalgar Square as part of their curriculum in their Autumn term; the children will be doing a big project around it.

On the day I would be happy to sign copies with a little message for the child/ren in question.  I would also be happy to donate one book to your school library which I would also sign and date.

Here is a note I received from a recent school visit at Meadow-croft school in Chertsey:


"What a fabulous way to finish our Book Week!  The children thoroughly enjoyed the book Rats on Roller Skates.  They are so excited to have met a real author – and since the visit have been keen to write their own stories.  Reception Class were making books at their ‘making’ table – even cutting bar codes from other products to stick on the back of their book! The older children have seen story planning in action and are now much happier to redraft and edit their own work.  They have seen the value of taking time in the planning stage.  We now have lots of children telling us they want to be authors when they grow up. If Fiona hasn’t visited your school yet then your children are missing out!"